Our Story

Who we are

Our company was formed on the premise of research based on the growing need for Kenyans, especially children and women, who are under -nourished and the lack of emphasis from modern medicine on preventive solutions mainly found in wholesome foods like Aloe Vera and Moringa Oleifera as opposed to curative solutions.
The company was incorporated in 2016. Our team consists of a group of strategic thinkers and technical minds that are driven by the need to improve the wellbeing of the consumer by manufacturing refreshing, natural healthy food products using wholesome foods guaranteeing compliance at all levels.

To be the preferred provider of complete natural health and wellness solutions in East Africa.

To consistently produce natural health solutions that enhance quality of life through research and innovation

Our focus is to offer quality services to our clients. We value team work, creativity and innovation. We integrate honesty, integrity and business ethics into all aspects of our business.