Why I love Tuti Yogurt.

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By Rahab Kinyanjui

As a child, I liked the thick, creamy and sweet texture of yogurt. But as I grow older, I want to be health-conscious. Eating is now more of meeting my nutritional needs rather than enjoying the taste of food. But whether as a snack, meal, dessert or part of a sauce yogurt has become part of my balanced healthy diet. Here is why:


  • It is rich in proteins
    Whey and casein are the proteins that are found in yogurt. 88% of yogurt protein is casein and 20% is whey. They are excellent quality and rich in essential amino acids that are easily digested in the gut.
    Whey promotes weight loss and lowers blood pressure. Casein increases absorption of minerals and also lowers blood pressure.


  • It is rich in Vitamins B1, B2, B3 and B12
    Vitamin B1, B2 and B3 break down carbohydrates for energy, calms nerves, help with brain function and lower cholesterol while vitamin B12 maintains the smooth functioning of several critical body processes and improves moods, memory, skin and hair.


  • It is rich in Vitamin D
    Vitamin D promotes calcium absorption, is needed for bone and cell growth and improves the immune system. Vitamin D is found in few foods and as a busy working woman, I don’t get to see much of the sun. Thank goodness that yogurt is rich in Vitamin D.


  • It is rich in minerals
    Calcium helps in maintaining strong bones, heart, muscles and nerves. Phosphorus also helps in bone health and detoxification of the body. Magnesium increases energy and ensures smooth functioning of the nervous system and manganese acts a powerful antioxidant that neutralizes damaging particles.


  • It is rich in probiotics.
    Probiotics are friendly bacteria that improve yogurt’s taste but even better than that, they boost the immune system and lower cholesterol but most importantly, probiotics break down the yogurt content to make vitamins and minerals available for absorption. This is awesome for me because I’m not a big fan of milk. Probiotic yogurt gives me all the nutritional value without the bloated feeling I get when I drink milk.


Many brands will sell yogurt with added high amounts of sugar, preservatives and chemicals to make sure they “taste good” but if you are a health conscious person look for a yogurt that will give you nutrition, read the label of the yogurt. Make sure it is free of any additives, low in fat and has probiotics.

Tuti yogurt is such a yogurt. It is rich in friendly bacteria and has no additives. It has only a 2.5% amount of fat and for every 100 ml of yogurt it has 95 calories. It also has additional benefit having aloe vera which is a superfood.


If you would like to have all the benefits of Tuti Probiotic Yogurt, you can order here.

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