Do you know what to look for when buying yogurt?

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Did you know that yogurt can turn into junk food real fast? Even though it has been lauded as a superfood, the wrong yogurt can have detrimental effects on your body.

Most buyers only focus on quantity and the different flavours available when they go to buy yogurt.

They should not be blamed; there are enough yogurt brands on Kenyan shelves to hurl one into confusion when they are making a purchasing decision.

You can reduce this dairy isle induced stress by making sure that the yogurt you buy conforms to this checklist:

Keep your eyes on the ingredients

The more the ingredients, the more unhealthy the yogurt is.

The only ingredients needed to make yogurt are Streptococcus thermophilus and Lactobacillus bulgaricus which are collectively called acidophilus. This combination is warmed for a few hours and the milk sugar is converted to lactic acid which gives yogurt its tangy flavour.  All other additional ingredients must be treated with caution.  

Steer clear of artificial sweeteners which trick your taste buds and intestines.  When you eat something sweet, the gut prepares for high-calorie food. However, artificial sweeteners are extremely sweet and low in calories which confuse your gut.

Ultimately, your hunger signals are interfered with and your taste buds are then trained to seek out sweeter foods. Diabetes will not be too far from you then.

Some manufacturers choose to sweeten their yogurts with fruit while others use cane sugar. Tuti probiotic yogurt has just the right amounts of cane sugar so diabetics can enjoy it too.

Keep your eyes on the good bacteria

Not all the yogurts sold in supermarkets have live and active cultures. Some yogurt companies kill off the bacteria during post fermentation. Once the lactic acid has been formed, some manufacturers heat treat the bacteria to give their yogurt a longer shelf life.

Ensure that the label reads ‘contains active cultures’.  Labels that read ‘made with live cultures’ only serve to trick you, because all yogurts are made with active cultures. The only difference is that the acidophilus in the latter do not survive heat treatment.

These active cultures, also known as probiotics are very important for gut health. They lower the likelihood of developing allergies (in children when taken during their formative years), improve digestion and boost immunity.

Watch out for fake fruit

Many yogurts today claim to have fruit additives in their yogurt whereas they only have food colouring and sugar.  Make sure that the label says ‘contains real fruit’ on the label. However, it is always much safer to add your own fruit to a tub of yogurt. This way you can make sure that you only add fresh fruit and in amounts that you prefer.

Keep your eyes on the calcium amounts

Adults need about 1,000mg of calcium every day. High sources of calcium should have 20% of this daily value.  Calcium is essential to your body because it maintains strong bones and teeth and its deficiency leads to rickets in children and osteoporosis in women.

When buying yogurt, make sure that the calcium amount is at least 15% of the daily value of calcium.

Tuti probiotic yogurt is packed with protein, vitamins and its aloe vera additive contains 200 nutritional compounds, 20 minerals and at least 8 enzymes.  Getting a tub of Tuti yogurt is super easy, all you need to do is make an order.

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