Healthy Eating: How Choice Health Is Improving The Nutritional Value of Milk

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By Lilian Wangare


If you haven’t heard this already, there’s a new company called Choice Health Network that is focused on improving the health of Kenyan families through Tuti Yogurt which is made with Aloe Vera barbadensis.


Aloe Vera has many health benefits including providing nourishment to your body by facilitating healthy digestion, boosting your immune system, regulating weight and energy levels among others. Tuti yogurt is a unique product concept that introduces Aloe Vera and its full range of health benefits in a snack. Tuti aloe yogurt is made using active, good bacteria or “live cultures”. One word that is synonymous with Tuti yogurt is “probiotics”. Probiotics are live bacteria and yeasts that are good for your health, especially the digestive and immune systems.


The name Tuti symbolizes wellness, long life, and positive social values. They got the name Tuti from Tuti Yusupova the longest living woman in recent history having crossed 3 centuries from 1880 to 2015 when she died at the age of nearly 135 years. That’s according to the Guinness Book of World Records.

nick-nyaga Mr. Nick Nyaga

I asked Mr Nyaga about the upcoming events and activations and it turns out they have been doing activations in gyms – Shani Active Gym at ABC place and Premier Gym in Nairobi’s CBD, which have been extremely receptive to their message. Choice Health had a sales team at the Global Leadership Summit (GLS) that ran from 10-11 November. Choice Health Network mainly targets women, whether individuals or groups because women play a crucial role in determining what the family eats at the end of the day.


Mr Nick Nyaga the CEO of Choice Health Network has a big vision for the next five years.  “I’m determined to change the way we eat food by ensuring we take healthy foods that add value to our body”. In addition to Aloe vera Yogurt, Choice Health plans to introduce another product in the market – Moringa Yogurt. Mr Nyaga says he wants Choice Health Network to be known for quality healthy foods that are easily accessible to a large part of the Kenyan population.


“We will introduce more valuable food products in the Kenyan market that have a good taste. Furthermore, we want to stand out by ensuring the processing and packaging of our products meet world standards” – he says.


Mr Nyaga says he faced many challenges before getting his product to the market. “Creating demand for a new product in the market is not easy. It takes a lot of time and hard work.  For example, getting a reliable source of quality milk was tough as many milk suppliers viewed us as competitors. We had to convince them that we are creating a new market for them which means they will benefit”.


Mr Nyaga is very passionate about supporting budding entrepreneurs by mentoring them. Having worked at senior levels for top brand companies like Unilever, Magadi Soda and The Nairobi Hospital, he encourages young entrepreneurs not to panic when they face business challenges such as cash-flow in their business. He says young entrepreneurs should invest their money wisely by taking time to prove the viability of their ideas and testing the market demand for their products before scaling up and spending a lot of money in products nobody wants.


Mr Nyaga says there are a lot of opportunities in the whole food supply chain in Kenya which remains untapped.  Mr Nyaga who employs nine people says that there’s a lot of value in working with consultants as they help you prove your idea. Consultants bring you essential knowledge, skills, insights, perspectives and even networks you don’t have. He believes in making use of networks and communities to help spread the word.


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