Amazing Natural flavour

Tuti Probiotic Yogurt with Aloe Vera... Naturally refreshing

With all the goodness of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a super food which contains many elements that make your body stronger and healthier

Very Nutritious

Made with natural ingredients and fat reduced milk


We are driven by the need to improve the wellbeing of the consumer by manufacturing refreshing, natural healthy food products using wholesome foods guaranteeing compliance at all levels.


A probiotic super food with aloe Vera that consists of enhanced health benefits for our consumers.

Tuti yogurt contains many vitamins, minerals, proteins, enzymes, sugars, and
anthraquinones essentially contained in the aloe vera plant. It gives nourishment to your body by facilitating healthy digestion, immune support and function, regulating weight and energy levels among others.

  1.  Boosts the body’s immune system
  2. Cleanses the digestive system, aids healthy digestion & detoxifies the body
  3. Regulates weight and energy levels
  4. Gives the body daily dose of vitamins, minerals and proteins
  5. Promotes healthy gums
  6. Strengthens the heart, enriches the blood and reduces risk of high blood pressure
  7. Helps prevent osteoporosis and arthritis inflammation
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Tuti Aloe Vera Yogurt

What our customers say

"I am happy to report that my family and I have been consumers of the Tuti Yoghurt for the last one month. The yoghurt is tasty and best of all has less sugar than similar products in the market. I would gladly recommend Choice Health Network Products (Tuti Yoghurt) to anyone."

Henry Kahira - Investment Manager

"Awesome yoghurt! Delicious, unique taste and not too sweet!"

Wawira Kyalo, Lecturer and Part-time Baker

"Tuti Aloe Vera Yogurt does wonders for my skin. It boosts my digestive process, allows me to watch my weight and gives me a natural glow. Beautiful product from a wonderful company."

Vimal Shah, Make-up Artist

"Tuti Aloe Vera Yogurt tastes a little bit like heaven. I love its look, its taste and most of all the goodness in one pack. Thank you Choice Health Network."

Christine Awour, Golfer

"Amazing product. Tuti Aloe Vera Yogurt is the most nutritious yogurt. I enjoy the yogurt very much. It gives me an energy boost especially on those long and busy days. Thumbs up Choice Health Network."

Francis Waithaka, CEO Digital4Africa